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I would love to partner with you to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals through a customized approach that is reasonable and compatible with your lifestyle and schedule.

6 Month Deep Dive

  • Initial assessment 

  • Four 45 minute follow ups (in person, phone or virtual)

  • Ongoing email and messaging support throughout our 6 month partnership

Grocery Store Tour

This package is ideal for clients that have more complicated health problems that require a multifaceted approach possibly in conjunction with other health care practitioners, or have large nutrition goals that cannot be realistically addressed all at once.  It’s also perfect for those that struggle with cyclical weight loss and gain from trying trendy diets or restrictive eating, and want to move away from the temporary fixes into a place of long term lifestyle changes.  Together, we will chip away at each goal with a realistic, doable approach that can built on over time.

Let’s face it…grocery stores can be overwhelming and confusing, especially given the fact that we are constantly being inundated with new products based on current health and food trends. I would love to meet you at your grocery store and walk you through the best way to approach grocery shopping that will ultimately save you time and money on future trips to the store.  I can provide you with tips on label reading, teach you how to incorporate new ingredients into your meals, and how to compare one product against another choose what’s right for you. 

*Can be used in place of a follow-up depending on location.


Once a package has been completed you may purchase additional follow-ups at a discounted rate. Please note that rates differ for in-person vs. phone/virtual follow-up.

1 In-Person Follow-Up: $130

3 Pack In-Person Follow-Up: $350

5 Pack In-Person Follow-Up: $500

1 Phone Follow-Up: $100

3 Phone Follow-Ups: $270

5 Phone Follow-Ups: $380


A fifteen minute phone call to help you determine if we are a good fit, and to explain the

services I offer in more depth. Nutrition advice will not be given during the call.

Initial Assesment

  • 90 minute in-depth assessment of your current diagnoses, relevant labs, lifestyle, history, and dietary patterns.

  • Discussion of any triggers that may be exacerbating symptoms or preventing progress and/or healing.

  • Identification and prioritization of specific areas to target, and education on strategies that will lead to success.

  • Establishment of realistic, measurable goals.

  • 1 month of email/text support, which allows for answers to those random questions that pop up as well as helping you navigate and troubleshoot through the process of meeting your goals. 

  • A personalized summary following your visit that will be prepared based on your assessment.  It will include any resources that are relevant to your specific needs (links to articles, recipes, etc.), as well as a breakdown of goals and action steps.

3 Month Reset

  • Initial assessment 

  • Two 45 minute follow ups (in person, phone or virtual)

  • Ongoing email and messaging support throughout our 3 month partnership

This package is for clients with multiple health issues or those needing a little more accountability on their journey towards optimal health. After meeting for an initial assessment, we’ll establish short-term goals and modify eating patterns that will become long-term habits.


For clients that have completed an assessment or package, nutrition concierge support will provide real-time email and messaging support to help you maintain your nutrition and health goals moving forward.  This includes advice on navigating restaurant menus, traveling tips, label confusion and more!  


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"Allyson educated me on the bigger picture of our bodies’ needs, and how those needs can be met through food. Her approach is balanced and reasonable, not gimmicky or trendy. I am not constantly thinking about what to avoid, but what I can enjoy. She has turned our family’s overall eating habits around, and we can now look forward to years of good health!"