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Thrive Market Haul

I've been ordering pantry staples from Thrive Market for a couple of years now, but have come to rely on it more since Covid has wiped out all desire to hit the grocery store. I love that it's an affordable option for healthy products that come from small brands that support fair trade and sustainable agriculture. It's a membership based service, but the membership fee of $59.95 is totally worth the benefits. It comes straight to my door which is super convenient (shipping is free with orders over $49.95). I have no affiliation with Thrive like I do with Beautycounter - I simply thought that some of you would be interested in learning more about it! I recently shared a video that reveals the contents of my most recent box, which you can watch here, but I also wanted to share a general list of the types of things I purchase regularly and have grown to love. Some of these products are available at conventional grocery stores or through Amazon, but I find the prices to be more competitive at Thrive, and I'd rather invest my dollars in a company that's focused on supporting small brands and making healthy products accessible and affordable. You can feel confident when shopping their site that you won't find products that contain GMOs or artificial colors or flavors. Here's a breakdown of the basic food categories that I shop for. They also sell a variety of other products like cleaning supplies, paper goods and supplements just to name a few. 1. Thrive Brand Staples: These tend to be the more economical choices across the board. Dried beans, nuts, nut butters, canned tomatoes, coconut milk, organic maple syrup, olives, salsa, taco seasoning, spices, beef and turkey jerky are just a few of the items I regularly order. 2. Condiments: I like Primal Kitchen, Chosen Foods and Sir Kensington's brands that have no added sugars and have a healthier oil base like avocado oil, sunflower oil or olive oil. The Sir Kensington "Special Sauce" is a new favorite around here, and I always have a bottle of Primal Kitchen Balsamic and BBQ Ranch dressing/marinade on hand. These can be a little bit pricey but they often go on sale, which is when I like to stock up. 3. Healthy Oils/Fats for cooking and baking: The Thrive brand of olive oil is very high quality and priced extremely competitively. Primal Kitchen avocado oil is another pantry staple, along with the Thrive Ghee (a clarified butter). 4. Healthy Snack Options: There's a wide variety of snack foods available at Thrive, but keep in mind that some of them, even when made with higher quality ingredients, are still highly processed and shouldn't be confused with preferred "real food" snacks. We keep brown rice cakes, whole grain and grain free crackers, nuts and nut butters stocked in the pantry, along with individual packs of pitted olives, "chomp" meat sticks, beef and turkey jerky, and my guilty pleasure - Quinn's peanut butter pretzels. This is not intended to be an all inclusive list and there are a ton of other great products that are worth exploring, but hopefully this introduction was helpful if you've been curious about Thrive.


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